Ensuring quality is an ongoing and integral aspect of our lens manufacturing process. At no point is it treated as a single step but rather a continuous commitment. We prioritize quality as our utmost concern to maintain the accuracy and consistency of our products. Our approach encompasses both reactive and proactive quality assurance measures.

Reactive quality assurance involves comprehensive checks of lens powers and overall quality, allowing us to address any issues promptly. However, we also adopt a proactive quality assurance strategy, which involves conducting scheduled tests at regular intervals. This proactive approach enables us to identify and rectify any potential problems at an early stage, preventing them from escalating or causing disruptions.

To ensure accurate quality control, we utilize advanced equipment such as the FocoVision and Visionix Lensmeter. These machines employ sophisticated measuring software that compares the processed lens with the theoretical map generated based on the patient’s prescription input. Additionally, the equipment incorporates a high-precision measuring pin with an accuracy level of +/-1µm. This exceptional precision enables us to confidently ensure that the lenses we deliver align precisely with the prescription provided by the customer.

By implementing a comprehensive quality assurance framework and utilizing cutting-edge measurement technology, we guarantee that our lenses meet the highest standards of accuracy and adherence to the prescribed specifications.