Neochromes photochromic lenses darken quickly and fade back fast, thanks to their unique high-performance dyes. As well as blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays, they offer high protection against blue light, especially outdoors. Engineered to provide consistent performance across a range of materials and temperatures.


The features of Neochromes lenses can be easily demonstrated by eye care professionals.

What do they look like indoors?
Crystal clear

How quickly do they darken?
In just seconds.

How long do they take to fade back indoors?
At standard room temperature, less than 3 minutes.”

Neochromes Agile Dark

We´re excited to launch an extra-dark photochromic lens that fades back in just 2.4 minutes. Neochromes Agile Dark delivers best-in-class performance, darker than regular Neochromes lenses but with a very similar fade-back speed.