We offer a choice of digital free-form progressive lenses, depending on the degree of personalization required. These lenses are designed for all-purpose use and can be customized to suit patient´s lifestyles. For lens designs specially adapted for driving and sports, please see our Remedy Specialty Lenses.

Remedy CamberTM Max Progressive

Our top-of-the-range progressive lens delivers unbeatable optics and aesthetics. The CamberTM dual-sided lens blank combined with IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology ensures wide reading zones, improved peripheral vision, extended power range, more aesthetically pleasing lenses, and unbeatable near vision performance.

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Remedy Max Progressive

A fully personalizable progressive lens which delivers impeccable vision quality. IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 technology enables a new level of personalization by taking into account the wearer´s own power of accommodation to refine the lens design. This lens offers wide fields of view at any distance, with virtually NO peripheral blur, and adapts perfectly to every lifestyle.

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Remedy Plus Progressive

A non-personalized progressive lens, incorporating Steady Methodology to deliver enhanced image stability and peripheral vision. This entry-level progressive lens offers a high-value, reliable solution that is ideal for lower Rx or part-time glasses wearers.


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Remedy Drive

A high-quality progressive lens designed for both daytime and nighttime driving. Traditional progressive lenses might not offer enough field of view or peripheral clarity for driving, and at night, reduced light can increase risks and lead to tiredness. This lens utilizes IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology, making the customization process far more advanced and effective by considering the wearer’s ability to focus at various distances.

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Remedy Sport

Custom-designed progressive lenses with an innovative feature: two zones dedicated to near vision. These lenses utilize IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology, which enhances lens customization by factoring in the wearer’s natural eye adjustments to reduce side distortions more effectively than traditional methods, offering a tailored lens experience with minimized oblique aberrations.

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Remedy Pilot Progressive

Some professions, such as pilots or engineers, may benefit from having a second zone for near vision at the top of the lens. Remedy Pilot Progressive lenses combine a lower vertical power progression with an upper addition segment, to create areas for near vision at both top and bottom of the lens.

Remedy Bifocal

Digital processing ensures that the segment line in Remedy Bifocal lenses is virtually invisible, for much better aesthetics. Available with traditional round segment for easy adaption, or wider 40mm segment for a noticeably larger near viewing area.

Remedy Office

Due to greater use of digital devices, professionals increasingly spend a large part of their day using their intermediate and near vision. Remedy Office lenses are designed for indoor use, offering expansive clear vision zones from 35cm up to a choice of 1.3m, 2m or 4m.

Single Vision Lenses

Remedy single vision lenses are designed for modern lifestyles. Most personalized single vision lenses are designed primarily for distance vision. But today´s single vision lens wearers, who may spend many hours using laptops and smartphones, demand superb vision quality at near and intermediate distances too. Thanks to IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 technology, Remedy single vision lenses are personalized and compensated for all distances and directions of gaze.

Remedy Anti-fatigue

Spending many hours a day in front of a screen takes a toll on our eyes. Remedy Anti-fatigue lenses are specially designed to alleviate the symptoms of eyestrain such as blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. They include a small increase in near power that can be customized to each patient.